Architect-designer Giorgio Guasina started creating his works in 1980, later helped by his children Margherita, Silvia and Marco. He is deeply attached to the forests and mountains of his North Italy home, and uses many varieties of local wood, worked with simple tools and machinery. His first creations were disnes in a range of shapes and sizes, made by assembling multi-colored woods, both from home and abroad.

Later, the range of his products has broadened to include scuiptures, of small and medium scales, using a wide variety of wood types. But the most sought-after kind of wood has been chestnut, especially old chestnut planks salvaged from demolished or renovated local buildings, which provide original textures and fascinating chromatic effects.

During all these years, the artists' passion, care, and costant research have led to a growing range of products and high quality pieces. And last, but not least at all, there are the latest series of sculptures, reliefs and paintings, all made by Giorgio Guasina.